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Testimony to Terrazzo
By Ted Lambros, President

Having been self-employed all of my life, I was not prepared for the rejection I encountered while searching for employment soon after arriving in Los Angeles back in 1963.  Regardless of what “they” said, I considered myself an excellent and qualified salesman and applied for a position with Venetian Terrazzo and Mosaic Company in Alhambra. As it turned out, I became the first salesman ever hired by the company and learned that none of their competitors – all family businesses – had ever hired outside the fold.

At the time Venetian Terrazzo was participating in joint ventures with two other terrazzo companies in an effort to install terrazzo at several, major southland locations:  The Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)  Terminal, the Los Angeles Music Center, Saint Joseph’s Hospital and the Greyhound Bus Terminal.  Within four months on the job, my efforts resulted in the largest individual sale ever landed for Venetian – The Valley Plaza Mall in Bakersfield and the Alhambra Super Court Complex – and so began my life with terrazzo.

Fortunately for me my mentor and founder of Venetian Terrazzo Company, Arthur Pizzinat Sr., lost his driver’s license for six months – a result in those days of too many speeding tickets.  As his chauffer during that time, I found him to be an opportunistic and persistent individual and also possessing an extensive knowledge of terrazzo.  During “chauffeuring days,” I learned about terrazzo and marble and obtained a valuable “head start” towards becoming a knowledgeable and accomplished salesperson and spokesperson for the industry.  It was so much much so that I eventually became the Southern California Terrazzo and Mosaic Association's technical representative and consultant for the Southland terrazzo industry. 

I eventually started my own company in 1975, and have been in business ever since installing and restoring terrazzo, for nearly forty-two years. With great pride I welcome you to our Arcadian Flooring website. We look forward to serving all of your customized flooring needs.

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